Worldwide / Long Haul

At Largs Travel we love long haul holidays……

USA and Canada

Disney and Universal in Florida or California, road trips across the USA, cruising, city breaks to New York, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angles and San Francisco, road tours, Memphis and Nashvile, New Orleans…..we have orgainised them all and more, the options are endless.


Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands

Beach holidays and tours, cruises and adventure tours more than choices than you may think!



Most of us would love to go on safari in Africa and there are so many other options.

What about the Garden route in South Africa or the Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe, beach holiday in Morocco Kenya or Zanzibar and for the more adventurous how about climbing Kilimanjaro?


Middle East and Indian Ocean

How about a holiday or even a short stay in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

A relaxing beach holiday in The Maldives, Seychelles or Mauritius ?

A tour of incredible India or Sri Lanka?

Lots of options and our knowledge is first hand so check with us when your thinking of  holiday to these areas?



The options are endless in Asia…

Visiting Incredible India, Sri Lanka or the relatively unvisited Myanmar….

Sip cocktails in Raffles in Singapore or the marvellous floating markets in many Asian cities…….

Beautiful beaches in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam………..

Fantastic Tours in Vietnam. Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China and Japan………

Fabulous Crusies……………..

Amazing Hong Kong………………….

Wildlife and conservation in Borneo………..

We support conservation projects in all parts of the world but particularly in the Far East, we always have that in mind when we organise your holiday there…….



Endless options in this area, whether it’s a trip just to visit family tor aking the opportunity to visit some of the amazing sights in Australia or New Zealand, beach holidays in Fiji or Vanautu, it’s not a problem for us to arrange things for you.


Pacific Ocean

A dream destination for most of us but a reality for some.

Whether it’s The Hawaiian Islands or Tahiti and Bora Bora we can make your holiday plans for you….why not ask us to check it out for you????



 Many travellers prefer to be part of a tour, either small group or private.

It could be an African trip, a tour around Cuba, Macchu Picchu, The Golden Triangle in India or beautiful Kerala, stunning Vietnam and China, we can find that tour for you.

Our clients have climbed Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro and sailed in the Antarctic so we have great feedback for anyone taking up one of those challenges.


UK Holidays and City Breaks

Our UK holidays are popular, it suits those of us who prefer to stay closer to home.

Working with a number of UK Holiday companies lets us offer great destinations and deals.

City Breaks are one of our specialities…our team love them and have a vast knowledge of many cities in Europe and other parts of the world, it’s great to have a bit of advance information on what prioritise on your first visit to a city and we are happy to offer that advice.